jimin’s reaction when namjoon was rhyming in korean. trans

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cr: Chaton Blanc ♡ do not gif. do not reupload.

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cr: HappyNding ♡ do not gif. do not reupload.

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the fact that zhou mi was the first SJ member to tweet about the mamacita teaser is simultaneously the cutest and saddest thing ever.

mimi, i wish you (and henry) could be there with them! thanks for your everlasting support and sunshine!

Korean celebrities doing the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"

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Mission: Bullying The Leader

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This is fucking beautiful. You can literally role play an asexual character and still have a romance where you don’t sleep with them until your character feels like it’s a good time as opposed to “We’re together? Time for the tent!” 

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Growing your hair out sucks because there comes a point where you’re bored with what you have but you’re determined to grow it out and it’s not quite long enough to do anything with but getting it restyled would mean losing length and then you just want to chop it all off because hey really awesome cute pixie cuts but that means you can’t do really awesome styles like you can with long hair and you’re not even entirely sure you’ll look good with long hair and I just….
*mildly frustrated screaming* man this sucks